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Little League Day at AT&T Park
Tickets go on Sale Saturday, Jan 26th at 10:00 AM.   Hello...
Looking for Umpires! Sign up Today!
Did you ever think that you could be a great umpire? Do you want...
Little League Day at AT&T Park

Tickets go on Sale Saturday, Jan 26th at 10:00 AM.


Hello RWCLL Families,

Back by popular demand, RWCLL is offering our families a chance to head out the AT&T Park to watch the big leaguers go at it.  On April 14th you have a chance to see the San Francisco Giants take on the Colorado Rockies.  To sweeten the pot, RWCLL was able to ditch the nose bleeds and get tickets in the family friendly bleachers where your kids can enjoy the game along with quick access to the Coke Slide and other family amenities that AT&T Park has to offer.]

Tickets will go on sale Saturday, January 26th] at  Make sure to set your alarms as these tickets have flown off the shelf the past few years.  Here is what you need to know.

  • Tickets will go on Sale Saturday January 26th at 10:00 AM.

  • Go to and click on the homepage button that says “Get Giants Tickets”

  • Limited to 6 tickets per family

  • Cost:$30 per ticket

  • Ticket Pickup will be determined at a later date

For those of you who are new to our community RWCLL has offered this experience for the past several years and urge you to give our young ballplayers a chance to get up-close and personal to some of your favorite Giants.  In addition to the game you will also be able to enjoy:

  • Pre-game Q&A with Giants Players and Coaches

  • League Banner Parade on the field

  • Special kids giveaway item for Little Leaguers

  • Seeing your kids run the Bases at AT&T Park after the game

We hope to see you there and make sure to check online tryout Saturday at 10:00 to get your tickets.

by posted 01/26/2019
Looking for Umpires! Sign up Today!

Did you ever think that you could be a great umpire? Do you want to make a difference in your child’s Little League experience, but don’t have time to coach? Well here’s your chance. Umpiring is a way to get on back on a Little League field and lead the kids of the Redwood City Little League through fast, fun, fair, and safe Little League games. We’re looking for adults and youths 10-18* to help umpire in our Minors, Major, and Big Field Divisions. It’s a challenge, lots of fun and it’s a great way to participate in Little League even if you only have a few hours to offer.

*To umpire at age 10-12, you must be currently playing in RWCLL Majors.

How do I get started?
First, sign up by completing our interest form by Clicking Here.  We will then send you a invite you to one of our umpire training sessions. You’ll be trained by experienced RWCLL umpires on the rules and field mechanics. You’ll sign up for games with our scheduler to umpire games that fit your schedule, usually with a partner. All RWCLL umpires are issued an umpire shirt, a hat, a ball/ strike indicator and a Little League Rule Book.

Youth Umpiring-A First Job
We look at our youth umpire program with pride as as we have trained a number of former players to develop leadership skills on the baseball field. As a youth umpire, you will earn $20 - $35 per game or if you want to earn community service hours in lieu of pay we can do that as well. For many kids, this is their first paid job. Also, just ask a dad or mom who has umpired with their son or daughter. Umping games together can be a rewarding, enriching shared experience that you will talk about for years.

Click here to complete the youth umpire application!

Welcome the Redwood City Little League Umpire Corps. Play ball!

by posted 02/28/2016
RWC Field Hotline

Get daily updated field status provided by RWC Parks & Rec deparment.  

Call: (650) 780-7389

Field Status
Bechet Field (AA) - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
Burton Park - San Carlos TBD (2/18) 
Byrnes Baseball Cages - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
Central Park - San Mateo TBD (2/18) 
Dublin Sports Grounds - Dublin TBD (2/18) 
Garfield (J) - Menlo Park TBD (2/18) 
Griffin Field (AA) - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
Henry Ford (TBall -Dirt) - Redwoood City TBD (2/18) 
Henry Ford (TBall-Dirt) - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
Henry Ford (TBall-Grass) - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
Hillsborough, Majors - Hillsborough TBD (2/18) 
Hoover - Charter St (A) - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
John Gill Elementary (A) - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
Kennedy School (AAA) - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
Kiwanis Field (M) - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
Lakeshore Park - San Mateo TBD (2/18) 
Los Prados Park - San Mateo TBD (2/18) 
Marlin Park - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
Martens South - San Mateo TBD (2/18) 
McGarvey Field (50/70) - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
McKinley Field (AAA) - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
Mitchell Field (M) - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
Pacific Shores (AAA) - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
Pacific Shores (J) - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
Roosevelt (AAA) - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
Roosevelt (TBall) - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
Roy Cloud (A) - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
Selby Lane (AA) - Atherton TBD (2/18) 
Taft (50/70-Bay Rd.) - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
Taft (AA-Eighth St.) - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
TBD - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
The Cages at Red Morton - Redwood City TBD (2/18) 
Upper Green Hills Park - Millbrae TBD (2/18) 
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